The Just What We Need Programme has had outstanding feedback from participants of the therapeutic programme, facilitator training and from a range of professionals.
Here are just a few of their comments……….
Feedback from programme participants:
“It (the group) has made a difference. I can see the changes in myself – I couldn’t see it then, but I can see it now. It became a life I knew, the only way” (feedback after control / autonomy session)
“Patterns and obstacles keep coming up – it’s about positivity and how to do something differently. Everything is achievable if you look around it from different angles”
“This course has opened up a lot of rooms and they need clearing out”
“I see a couple of people who remind me of myself – down and tired, worn out. I haven’t seen those signs before in myself, let alone others before”
“Realising what emotional needs you have gives you the chance to begin to change them to become more happy”
Feedback from participants on facilitator training:
“my previous mindset about learning has been turned on it’s head” (Consultant Psychiatrist)
“I’ve learned that I can use my creativity to enhance learning for others and it can be more effective and interesting to do this, for them and for me!”. (Social Worker)
“it’s getting easier! groups terrify me, the thought of leading / delivering torture to me. I feel so comfortable working as part of a 2. Very participative. Feels vibrant. My lack of anxiety is amazing!. I’m usually very wound up. This is the first time ever I’ve felt so comfortable. Feels much more achievable now”. (Psychotherapist and Coach)
“I agree with the group comments and the way the training/programme is set up. Hadn’t expected such emphasis on group and learning – very useful. Puts practical into context…Observing, learning from each other”. (Teacher)
Feedback from other professionals:
“Running the JWWN Pilot in Cambridgeshire has been a particular highlight of my work, in that it was hugely rewarding, enjoyable and it also stretched me personally and professionally”(Educational Psychologist)
“G reports feeling more confident and reports that her self- esteem and self-confidence have increased. She previously has been very anti courses and group work in general, and has not completed 2 courses [but] is [now] registering interest in other learning opportunities. She is demonstrating a reflective identification that change is required. My experience has been only positive, Yes. I would recommend, signpost and refer to the course” (Children’s Centre Senior Family Worker)
“I wanted to find a story of anxiety with the tools to cope, together in the same place, so that young people could make sense of how and why to use the techniques, and unable to find this, the idea to write ‘These Three Words’ was born. I had started to write the story of Luna-Ray when I attended a training course to deliver the therapeutic group programme, ‘Just What We Need’, where I learned many different techniques which I use in my work, and enormous thanks are extended to Linda Hoggan and Carmen Kane who developed the programme, and who gave me permission to explicitly use their ‘Goal Setting’ technique which Sadie teaches Luna. Following the training programme, I was inspired to add more content which focused on meeting different emotional needs.” (Trauma & Dissociation Specialist Therapist and Author)
“The Just What We Need Programme is really valuable for individuals in learning how to prioritise and deal with difficult situations positively, a great way to become more confident and to see life in a different light. She (participant) has been able to share with me the reasons why she rated her emotional wellbeing at a particular level at the start and end of the programme.” (Social Worker)