‘JUST WHAT WE NEED’ is a therapeutic group approach using a Human Givens framework. This 12 week programme is designed to be flexible and universal, building on the strengths of individuals and of group work, across the continuum from preventative to crisis management.

Its particular structure and focus on the emotional needs of individuals makes it accessible for anyone experiencing emotional distress.

Our aim is for individuals to get their emotional needs met through participation in the group, in addition to learning new ways of perceiving difficulties and challenges and identifying and setting their own goals for change.

A fundamental element of the programme focuses on helping individuals to understand what their emotional needs are, to identify their unmet needs, to identify their strengths and skills – their resources, and to help individuals to get their needs met, well enough, in balance in their environment.


This innovative, creative and flexible programme enables individuals to explore the principles of a Human Givens approach within a safe, positive, active and creative environment.

Facilitators are free to use their creativity to develop and adapt the programme delivery to fit the unique needs of each group, within the security of a structured, overarching framework. 

Many approaches rely on conscious awareness and focus on what should or what usually happens. The subtle message is this is what you would /should / could/ ought to do.

Under stress or threat, perceived or real, individuals respond unconsciously, limiting or blocking changes to their thinking and behaviour.

Many approaches unintentionally reinforce individuals to ‘give up’ due to their lack of agency and low self belief. The outcome for many is that they still don’t or can’t make necessary changes

Just What We Need focuses less on what has happened in the past with a greater focus on protective factors, resilience and what individuals can take control of and change in the future.


This programme promotes Reflective Integration – the process of self correction – making relevant connections between information from different sources.

Having a more ‘mindful’ approach encourages individuals to be more ‘in the moment’, more self aware, making it more likely that they can calm their minds, their emotions and their thinking. This allows opportunities for increased reflection, subsequent change, and the development of skills more naturally.

Individuals need a process for combining experience and feelings in order to integrate their learning. This needs to be embedded within a context where experiences become ‘real’ for them, ie their learning becomes general knowledge that they would have ordinarily been assumed to have through their life experiences.
Just What We Need is not about simply changing behaviour, but about people knowing themselves better or differently through increased self awareness
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The vital goal is for an individual to use the programme or process to:

have lower arousal
have increased awareness
develop thinking
suggest a possibility of change
set and achieve goals to bring about that change and maintain that change through reorganisation of their ways of thinking and responding

The programme is designed to be organic, to grow and develop as a metaphor for your group. We hope that you have as much fun and inspiration developing your own individual programme as we have.



 “it’s getting easier! groups terrify me, the thought of leading / delivering torture to me. I feel so comfortable working as part of a 2. Very participative. Feels vibrant. My lack of anxiety is amazing!. I’m usually very wound up. This is the first time ever I’ve felt so comfortable. Feels much more achievable now”. (Psychotherapist and Coach) 

Facilitators feedback 

“It (the group) has made a difference. I can see the changes in myself – I couldn’t see it then, but I can see it now. It became a life I knew, the only way” . Tracy- parent Milton Keynes (feedback after control / autonomy session)

Parents feedback

“Patterns and obstacles keep coming up – it’s about positivity and how to do something differently. Everything is achievable if you look around it from different angles.” 

Parent- Luton

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