Just What We Need

  1. This 4 day ‘JUST WHAT WE NEED ‘ training experience will give you the increased confidence to improve the quality of life for people you work with, by enabling them to have a more positive experience of relationships

  1. ‘JUST WHAT WE NEED’ is a therapeutic approach to exploring emotional needs using a Human Givens framework. We have developed this programme to be flexible and universal, building on the strengths of individuals and group work, across the continuum from preventative to crisis management.  Its particular structure and focus on emotional needs makes it accessible for anyone experiencing emotional distress.

  2. Our aim is for group members to get their emotional needs met through participation in the group, in addition to learning new ways of perceiving difficulties and challenges and identifying and setting their own goals for change.

  3. A fundamental part of the programme focuses on helping participants to understand what their emotional needs are; identify their unmet needs; identify their strengths and skills – their resources, and to help them get their needs met, well enough, i.e. in balance in their environment.

Skills for Therapists and Group Facilitators

Some people who have trained in this programme did so with a view, not to running the programme but to add to their therapeutic skills with clients in a one to one therapy session.  Everything in the programme is based on HG ideas and are easily adapted for use in the therapeutic context.  If you are considering this programme for this reason, then no previous groupwork skills are required to do the training.

Should you wish to run a programme for adults but not have previous groupwork experience, then you may be able to link up with someone on the training who has such experience and co-facilitate a programme with them.  Basic groupwork skills are covered in the four days training.

  1. This innovative, creative and fun programme enables parents to explore the principles of a Human Givens approach  - our emotional needs and the resources we have to get those needs met in our environment -  within a safe, positive, active and creative environment.

  2. The flexibility of this programme ensures that facilitators are free to use their creativity, within the security of a structured overarching framework.

  3. The programme offers a range of tried and tested, creative ideas we hope you will expand on.

  4. For those of you starting out in the field of supporting parents and working with groups, building your confidence along the way, there are sufficient resources included in the programme to take and run with.

  5. Others may wish to add their own ideas and ‘colour’ to suit their group’s needs.

  6. The programme is designed to be organic, to grow and develop as a metaphor for your group, and we hope that you have as much fun and inspiration developing your own individual programme as we have !



  1. ‘JUST WHAT WE NEED’ was originally chosen to reflect the aim of the programme, ie to enable parents to understand and meet their emotional needs and those of their children. However, the programme framework can be adapted to meet the needs of any group in society.

  1. This unique programme has been devised to include everything you need to deliver the ‘JUST WHAT WE NEED’ programme.  It is run by a facilitator and supported by a co-facilitator, who meet the requirements of attendance at selected Human Givens College workshops and seminars, or are HG graduates.






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