Human Givens - the idea


It is said that there are over 600 different kinds or schools of therapy.  Often people who have emotional difficulties experience a sense of confusion about what kind of help they should be seeking.  Some forms of therapy can even be dangerous, in that they may create a deeper emotional difficulty for a person than they may have had before beginning therapy.  Some approaches to therapy begin with an assumption that a person experiencing emotional difficulties can expect it to be a difficult experience which can take years.

Trying to bring some clarity into such a confusing therapeutic world, and engender a more effective therapeutic approach, the idea of ‘Human Givens’ was born.  This organising idea, based on knowledge of fundamental human emotional needs and the resources nature gives us to meet those needs, together with the latest scientific research on how the brain works, explains not only why we behave in the way we do e.g. depressed, angrily, anxious etc... but also how our brain mechanisms may be used to feel, think and behave differently. Click here for more information.

The authors of these ideas, Ivan Tyrrell and Joe Griffin began a journey to improve the quality of the therapeutic experience for individuals and couples.  Not only has that been achieved, but the quality of their ideas has been such, that they have influenced the development of other areas of peoples’ lives - the workplace, education, the parenting agenda.  Directly inspired by Human Givens ideas, the Just What We Need programme was developed  Although this initially focused on the needs of parents, the same basic ideas can be applied to children, young people and adults.

Where Human Givens came from