just What We Need Conference

Friday 15th May 2015

Date and Venue TBC

About the event

This Conference provides an excellent opportunity to hear up-to-date information on parent – child relationships and discover strategies to maximise children’s potential by meeting their needs. Attend to learn from others who are leading the way in prevention, family relationships and parenting.

Benefits of attending

  1. Hear up-to-date information from research and current practice.

  2. Learn how to maximise each child’s potential by ensuring their emotional needs are met and how to improve well being, reduce emotional distress and Anti Social Behaviour.

  3. Explore innovative approaches to understanding, managing and changing children’s patterns of behaviour.

  4. Support parents/carers to enjoy their children and meet their needs.

  5. Discover innovative ways of evidencing change – an online measurement system.


Who is it for

Parents and Carers – Practitioners from Health, Education, Children and Families Practice,

Social Care, Children Centres, Voluntary Organisations, Therapists, Counsellors, Faith Groups.

All those interested in the well being of children and families.