Who Are We?

Carmen Kane

Linda Hoggan


The foundation of training as nursery nurse gave me a platform for my interest in families and the wider community. Following this training I took seven years out of my working life to be a full time mum to my three beautiful children while maintaining my voluntary work within the community.

I returned to work as a family centre worker in 1986 developing my counselling, community development and training skills.

For five years from 1991 I worked in community sport and qualified as an aerobic and fitness instructor.

I went on to qualify in a range of holistic therapies - reiki, massage, Indian head massage and reflexology.

In 1997 I became a community development worker/coordinator where I delivered parent programmes and trained parent educators, and became an NVQ community work skills assessor .

From 2002 I worked as the Parenting Coordinator and developed and promoted parent support within Milton Keynes.

My current role as Neighbourhood Manager  focuses on environmental wellbeing and empowering communities to access services and become more autonomous.

My interest in people and their wellbeing has taken me through training in psychodynamic therapy, relationship counselling and Human Givens Diploma.   More recently I have qualified as a  hypnotherapist.

The Human Givens approach gave me a framework on which to hang all the above experiences and understanding of individuals, families and the wider community.

From all of this evolved the Just What We Need programme developed with Linda.  We have since developed the Just what We Need training for professionals.

I am a Fellow Member of the Human Givens Institute

I learnt to be a mum in my 20s

I learnt to ride a bike in my 30s

I learnt to dance in my 40s

I learnt to ski in my 50s

Roll on my 60s!

I am a parent of 2 sons, a step son and daughter, and a “nanna” to my grandson. I originally trained as a primary teacher and have worked in both mainstream and special education.

Following specialist training(T.E.A.C.C.H.) I spent several years teaching young children on the Autistic  Disorder Spectrum, and supporting their parents.

Since 2001 I have managed an Early Intervention specialist resource in Milton Keynes.  This is a service for young children with identified social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.  My role involves parenting assessment and direct therapeutic work with parents experiencing a range of complex social, emotional and psychological challenges.

I am a Human Givens Therapist, Supervisor of HG therapists, MK MIND counsellors and trainer.

I have had a life long interest in human behaviour which was further enriched by my experiences during living for seven years in Borneo and raising my young children in a different culture.

I have a particular interest in Attachment, Parenting, the impacts of Domestic Abuse, Adoption and the needs of children who are Looked After.  

In 2007 Carmen and I, with two colleagues, Lisa LLoyd and Kevin McDonagh, co-developed “Just What We Need”, a Therapeutic Programme for Parents.  Carmen and I also wrote a Just What We Need programme for professionals interested in delivering this programme nationally". 

I also facilitate the Freedom Programme for women living with Domestic Abuse.

In 2011 I completed my training to administer the Adult Attachment Interview, a forensic assessment tool.

I am a Fellow Member of the Human Givens Institute and a Graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

When I’m just being me I enjoy films, eating out, time with my family and travelling. I have a passion for learning and for life.

Cert.Ed., B.Phil.Ed.Hons, B.Sc.Psychology.Hons. ,HGDip Psych.

2007 was an exciting time for both of us working with Milton Keynes Council.  We both worked on the Family & Education Support Team - Lisa as an Educational Psychologist and Kevin seconded from the Education Welfare Service. 

Our team was specifically set up with a view to providing preventative and early intervention work in the area of emotional wellbeing in a group of 20 primary schools.  Having the freedom to develop that work as we thought best, according to the needs of the schools, their pupils and families, we focussed much of our time on supporting families, and parents in particular.  We had both trained to deliver the Webster-Stratton Incredible Years programme for parents to help them better manage any behaviour issues they might have been experiencing with their children.  At this point in time we had also begun to train in the Human Givens, and both subsequently qualified as HG Therapists.

Lisa LLoyd

Kevin McDonagh

We were particularly pleased to be able to work with Linda and Carmen in developing the Just What We Need programme and had the privilege of running eleven programmes in Milton Keynes up to March 2011.  We have seen how it has helped transform the lives of many parents in our community and help them rediscover hope and joy in their lives.  We would encourage any parent who may wish to explore their emotional needs to do so via this exciting and fun course, where you are accepted for who you are without being judged.  We would also encourage professionals with a passion for supporting parents, and who are keen to explore the groupwork method of training, to go on the train the trainer course to learn to deliver this innovative and exciting course.